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FREE Bunyon Bros. T-Shirt!

Want some Bunyon Bros. apparel? “Like” us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter – Follow us on Instagram! June 1st we’re giving away one FREE t-shirt to social media followers on EACH network. It’s going on sale soon!… but for now – we’re giving away FREE T-shirts for any job over $2,000.    

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Taking Care of Your Trees

Now that everything is growing again, be sure to check out TCIA’s  to learn more about your trees, and caring for them. Bunyon Bros. arborists are proud TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) members. Among the many things they do, they host the TreeCareTips site to keep homeowners up to date and informed about tree care […]

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DROUGHT!!! Caring for YOUR trees during a Drought!

Listed below are tree maintenance procedures that can significantly increase a tree’s chance of making it through drought periods. Mulch around your trees with 4 inches of organic mulch to reduce moisture loss. Use wood chips, shredded bark, leaves or evergreen needles as mulch – avoid the use of stone or rock near trees as […]

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