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Land and Brush Clearance

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service has all the equipment and qualified personnel to perform land clearing jobs for developers, wineries or private land owners. We can also clear large areas of brush to help reduce fire fuels and create a defensible space on your property.

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Tree Pruning

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service abides by the ANSI A300 pruning standards for tree care maintenance. The ANSI A300 standards are the generally accepted industry standards for tree care practices. Following these specifications helps promote improved tree structure, tree health and overall tree safety.

We perform tree care maintenance, for a variety of reasons and in accordance to meet our clients’ needs. Some of the services we provide include: structure clearance, vista or view prune, fire abatement, risk reduction, or property boundary issues. Bunyon Bros. Tree Service prunes trees for commercial and private clients including homeowner’s associations, shopping centers, real estate and property management companies, apartment complexes and government agencies.

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Root Pruning

Tree roots can cause significant damage to hardscapes and foundations. Bunyon Bros. Tree Service can mitigate many of these problems through root pruning and using a bio-barrier to prevent roots from growing into unwanted areas. Please call us before cutting or damaging any roots because this could undermine the health of your tree and possibly lead to tree failure if not performed by a professional.

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Hazardous Tree Removal

Tree removal is performed to prevent loss of property or personal injury. Bunyon Bros Tree Service removes dead and diseased trees as well as trees that are not suitable for a given location.

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service employees highly trained professionals that can safely remove extremely hazardous trees. We possess the knowledge and equipment to remove any size tree no matter where it is located.

Our ISA Certified Arborists can assist you in deciding if tree removal is a necessary and viable option. We have specialized equipment and the knowledge to evaluate hazardous trees and assess the risk your tree may potentially carry in order to reduce any liability our client may have. We own a state of the art resistograph which measures the density of the trunk wood and decay present. The resistograph provides us with a printout of the measurements and we are able to determine if the tree is prone to failure. It offers us another tool to assess the health and safety of your trees and limit the risk to your family or neighbor.

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Stump Grinding and/or Removal

In addition to removing trees, Bunyon Bros. Tree Service removes and grinds stumps. We have four stump grinders to suit any situation and make it the most efficient and cost effective solution for our customers.

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Tree Removal Permits

Whether you live in open North County or seaside South County, you will need to fill out an application when removing some trees. Bunyon Bros. Tree Service can assist you through the process. We are happy to fill out applications and represent you in any tree related situation that may come to fruition. We understand that our clients may not have the time or the energy to negotiate the tree removal permit process.

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Chipping Brush & Debris

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service owns several modern chippers which meet or exceed all safety standards and are registered with the state air pollution control district. Our chippers are capable of handling wood up to 18″ in diameter.

We recycle all the chips so they can be used as mulch and weed control which in turn insulates and adds organic matter back to our precious soils.

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Disease Diagnosis and Micro-Injection Treatments

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service can evaluate and possibly treat your tree for pests or fungal disease. Micro-injection treatment enables the insecticide or fungicide to be taken up directly into the vascular tissue systemically. This safe and efficient method is a popular solution for many unhealthy trees. Unfortunately, we have had a persistent and sometimes severe problem with the California Oak Worm (oak moth) in San Luis Obispo County in the past and we can spray your oak tree at specific times throughout the year to prevent the defoliation of your tree or trees. Please call for a free tree health evaluation.

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Bunyon Bros. Tree Service can transplant large and small trees. We own a large tree spade that can move trees up to 10″ in diameter. We also have the ability to crane large trees in or out of certain locations. Our specialized equipment and experienced personnel make us the clear choice when transplanting any size tree.

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Trees For Sale

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service sells ornamental and native trees to suit your every need. Whether it be for a privacy screen, aesthetic value, or shade, we can help you select the appropriate tree(s).

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Bunyon Bros. Tree Service plants trees of all species and sizes. We strive to replace all of the trees we remove in order to maintain balance in our urban forest and native environment.

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Seasoned firewood including oak, eucalyptus and pine, is available year round at Bunyon Bros. Tree Service. Our firewood can be delivered or picked up by appointment.

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service recycles all of its materials by making firewood, mulch or milling into usable lumber.

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Wood Chips

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service sells a wide variety of wood chips which are recycled from previous jobs that we’ve done. We also sell certified playground wood chips!

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service recycles all of its materials by making firewood, mulch, wood chips and by milling into usable lumber.

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Crane Services

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service offers specialized crane services. With newer cranes and our Certified Crane Operator, we can now provide quicker and safer tree removal services. In addition, we offer crane service for needs unrelated to trees.

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Green Waste Recycling

We recycle all the chips so they can be used as mulch and weed control which in turn insulates and adds organic matter back to our precious soils.

Bunyon Brothers is currently looking into alternative sites for a much needed closer-to-home Green Waste recycling center.

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Locations Served

All of our tree services are able to be performed throughout San Luis Obispo County and Northern Santa Barbara County. All of the usual areas we service are listed below. You can click on the name of the city and you'll be taken to a page with more information about the area such as info about native trees as well as tree removal permits and local ordinances for that city.

If you're needing tree services at a location not listed above, don't hesitate to contact us and we can give you information on servicing your area.