Wood Milling

Wood Milling in San Luis Obispo


Tree service

Bunyon Bros. has invested in a large professional wood mill. In our continuing effort to be a leading 0% waste company Bunyon Bros. is comitted to utilizing all our wood product. No waste, No landfill. 100% Recycled material.

Recycle Milling

We mill urban forested lumberOur mill will be accompanied by a full production drying kiln and finishing area.

There is great potential in trees we have removed– giving them new life by converting wood remains into lumber for furniture, flooring, cabinetry . The potential is unlimited!

Our milling facility in San Luis Obispo creates lumber slabs, beams & custom cuts from salvaged timber. Our goal during the milling process is to take advantage of the natural form of the wood and preserving its unique qualities, meaning every creation is true to the essence of the tree.

Proud to be a 0% waste company.

Our production includes:

Custom solid wood Doors
Tailored Beams
Custom Table Tops
Custom Wood Bars
Cutting Blocks
Custom Fence & Decking
Crown Molding
& many others.

Wood Milling Services are Coming Soon!

Wood Milling

Custom Milling Available

Bunyon Bros. can also mill your wood & logs to your own specifications. Live Edge, Tables, Doors, Plain Sawn, Quarter Sawn, Rift Sawn lumber and beams.