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Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service abides by the ANSI A300 pruning standards for tree care maintenance. The ANSI A300 standards are the generally accepted industry standards for tree care practices. Following these specifications helps promote improved tree structure, tree health and overall tree safety.

We perform tree care maintenance, for a variety of reasons and in accordance to meet our clients’ needs. Some of the services we provide include: structure clearance, vista or view prune, fire abatement, risk reduction, or property boundary issues. Bunyon Bros. Tree Service prunes trees for commercial and private clients including homeowner’s associations, shopping centers, real estate and property management companies, apartment complexes and government agencies.

Cypress Trim Over House

Cypress Tree Trim Over House

Bunyon Bros. Tree Service, using the latest modern technology and the most advanced arboriculture equipment, trimming a large Monterey Cypress that is extending over a house.

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Send us your information using the form below and we will have one of our certified arborists follow up within a couple of days to schedule a time to come to the location and perform an estimate.

Tree Services Available

We're a full service tree maintenance and care company and we can do it all. Take a look at the list of services we regularly provide below for more information about them and how they can help your situation.

Locations Served

All of our tree services are able to be performed throughout San Luis Obispo County and Northern Santa Barbara County. All of the usual areas we service are listed below. You can click on the name of the city and you'll be taken to a page with more information about the area such as info about native trees as well as tree removal permits and local ordinances for that city.

If you're needing tree services at a location not listed above, don't hesitate to contact us and we can give you information on servicing your area.