Disease Diagnosis and Micro-Injection Treatments

Disease Diagnosis and Micro-Injection Treatments

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Bunyon Bros. Tree Service can evaluate and possibly treat your tree for pests or fungal disease. Micro-injection treatment enables the herbicide or fungicide to be taken up directly into the vascular tissue systemically. This safe and efficient method is a popular solution for many unhealthy trees. Foliar sprays can be used but have the potential to drift. Unfortunately, we have had a persistent and sometimes severe problem with the oak moth in San Luis Obispo County in the past and we can spray your oak tree at specific times throughout the year to prevent the defoliation of your tree or trees.

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Lab Analysis is also available.

Disease Diagnosis and Micro-Injection Treatments

Micro-Injection Treatments

Microinjection is a technique that allows the introduction of materials, such as antibiotics, fungicides, insecticides and mineral nutrients, directly into a tree without any contact with the environment.