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DROUGHT!!! Caring for YOUR trees during a Drought!

Listed below are tree maintenance procedures that can significantly increase a tree’s chance of making it through drought periods.

Mulch around your trees with 4 inches of organic mulch to reduce moisture loss.

  • Use wood chips, shredded bark, leaves or evergreen needles as mulch – avoid the use of stone or rock near trees as this increases air temperatures and moisture loss from leaves and stems.
  • Pull back mulch 6” from the trunk of the tree.
  • Do not fertilize a tree that is under drought stress. Salts in fertilizer may burn roots when there is not sufficient water. Fertilizers may also stimulate top growth resulting in too much leaf area on the plant for the root system to maintain during periods of limited soil moisture.
  • Keep your trees healthy and pest free. Postpone any construction activities planned near your tree to reduce impact to the trees’ roots. If your tree has any insect or disease problem that may be adding additional stress – treat them accordingly to reduce the overall stress to your trees.

Newly planted tree, mulched

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