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Bunyon Bros. sponsors employees to become Certified Arborists

Ron Rinell, owner of Bunyon Bros. Tree Service, whom just recently sponsored all eligible employees for the test to become ISA certified Arborists, would like to announce that 4 employees passed their tests and are now ISA Certified Arborists. Congratulations to Doug Rhodes, Jess Spencer, Justin Busch, and Michael (Chase) Noblitt.

To be certified, individuals must pass a voluntary comprehensive exam. Certification must be maintained through continuing education, which means they should be up-to-date on the latest in arboricultural technology and are knowledgeable of acceptable practices. This further compliments Bunyon Brothers two ISA Certified Arborists: Ron Rinell and Shaun Callarman as well as Board Certified Master Arborist Bill Van Horbek, in being able to apply and provide the best tree care service needs and practices in San Luis Obispo County.

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