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Get your Red Oak Firewood

Get your Red Oak firewood for oak pit Santa Maria style BBQ. Bunyon Bros. Wood yard is located at 5452 Edna Rd, San Luis Obispo off of highway 227. Our wood is available for pickup or delivery. Call Bunyon Bros. at 805-547-1903 The native Coastal Live (Red) Oak gives the local beef tri-tip its […]

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Bunyon Bros. Mill Production

Coming Soon: Bunyon Bros. has purchased a large professional wood mill. In our continuing effort to be a leading 0% waste company Bunyon Bros. will be utilizing all our wood product. No waste , No landfill. 100% Recycled material. 🌳🌲🌴 Our production will include: Custom solid wood Doors Tailored Beams Custom Table TopsCustom Wood Bars Cutting Blocks Custom Fence & […]

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Congratulations to Raul Andrade Arevalo for passing the Arborist Certification Program.

Raul Andrade Arevalo passed the Bunyon Bros. sponsored arborist certification class! Making him Bunyon Bros newest certified arborist. The Arborist Certification Program is a voluntary effort among professionals in the tree care industry to establish a meaningful standard of quality in arboricultural work, to promote and encourage continuing education, and to provide the public with […]

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Large Tree Transplant using a new spade machine.

Busting out the large Spade outrigger for tree transplantation. Safe, efficient and less traumatizing for the tree. Transplanting a large citrus tree. This Spade outrigger provides a safe, stable and less traumatizing to the tree than other traditional methods.   Bunyon Bros. Tree Service is the premiere vendor for City of San Luis Obispo tree […]

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